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The Coffee Room

Welcome to The Coffee Room. We invite you to become a part of this a virtual lounge where we come together to share our favorite stories surrounding the love of coffee. Send in your own story, read our latest entries, learn about the history of coffee, discover new ways to incorporate coffee into your day, browse through recipes, hear funny coffee stories and cherished memories, and just relax as we share together in our experiences in all things coffee!

Coffee Recipes

Browse through these delicious recipe ideas and save your favorites! Everything goes, from coffee drink recipes to those recipes where coffee is the magic secret ingredient. Share with us too with some of your own favorite recipes that use coffee as an ingredient.

Family Coffee Stories

Share in these coffee stories, celebrating moments in coffee among families. Moms and daughters, "the boys", grandfathers, and cherished times abound in these stories. Read, and share your favorites!

Food Creativity

New and exciting ways to bring coffee into our enjoyment of food is covered in these stories. From our own ideas to innovative ways that coffee is finding its place in restaurants and in products, these stories are sure to inspire your inner chef.

Fresh Roasted Revolution

Learn about the history of, fondness for, and science behind the coffee roasting process and enjoyment of freshly roasted coffee. Tell us about your experiences and about your favorite roast!

The Rise of Coffee Culture

Ah coffee! ;) It has become such a welcoming and important part of our day. We discuss coffee and the rise of our modern coffee culture and how it has manifested itself over time. What does coffee mean to you?

Travel Stories

Coffee is experienced in its rich and wonderful boldness all over the globe. Lets take a look at some favorite local coffee spots and hear stories from neighborhoods and destinations in exotic - and everyday, spots!

Inside our Stories...


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